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WITH AIDS United., 


31 Days Celebrating, Being, Living & Loving & Being Trans!

This year’s theme is Enough. Our Truth is...


Monday, February 23, 2020-- Washington DC -- We The People are pleased to announce the 3rd annual May Is? “All About Trans.” The month-long series of events will run from May 1st to May 31st and will focus on bringing together multiple communities through initiatives such as art viewings, open mic nights, educational outreach events and more. The goal of the month-long event is to foster a better understanding of what it is like to be a person who is trans, gender non-conforming and non-binary in the greater DC area.


Events will vary from conversation and discussions that will include talking about sex, trans youth, mental health and HIV, U=U and PrEP. There will also be an opportunity for cisgender men and women to talk about unity with the transgender community at an awards dinner.


“This time of the year we get the opportunity to voice our opinions as advocates,” says We The People Founder SaVanna Wanzer. “May Is? Is our opportunity to try to better our community and find strategies for housing issues, employment and creating a city that supports us human beings.”  


All events will be held in the Greater Washington area and information can be found on Participants and guests will be asked to register on the web page to reserve tickets for entry in order for organizers to estimate seating and food needs. 


We The People consists of a very committed group of community members. They include: Min. Diedre Gray, David Joseph Moody, Amy Nelson, Alexa Rodrigues, Taylor Leanne Walker, Monroe Alisa, Keith Pollard, Aaliyah Parks, and Addison Moore.  SaVanna Wanzer is the founder of this group.


This year our Community Mixer will be the largest ever with room for 300 guests at the esteemed Museum of African American History and Culture. This event will celebrate the hard work and dedication that people have done for the DC trans community including Trans Pride’s producers, keynote speakers and volunteers that has kept Trans Pride going since 2007. Trans Pride was also founded by SaVanna Wanzer. 


To reserve seating or for more information about May is? “All About Trans” visit Inquiries can also be sent to