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SaVanna KB Wanzer
Chair & Founder

SaVanna KB Wanzer has been a community activist for over 20 years. During that time
with the support of ReGina Newkirk and Dave Mallory she founded Capital Trans Pride
in 2007. In 2018 she made her second vision come to life with an eent called May Is?”All
About Trans”, a month long celebration Being, Living & Loving Transgender people. To
bring leadership for the first year, SaVanna hand-picked 8 diverse Super-Star community
members that make up the Board of Directors of “We the People” and bring leadership
to the month-long event.
During her years of service to the community, SaVanna has reached several milestones

  • First trans woman to serve on Whitman-Walker Health Board

  • First trans woman to serve on Capital Pride Board DC Flux Chair

  • Trans 101 facilitator

  • Co-facilitator Trans Dimensional support group 2016-17

  • Co-Sponsor various youth-focused mentor and employment programs

  •  Received several community honors and awards

SaVanna acknowledges that although she has worked hard for the community, she is
no-where near done doing the work. "We All Are the People" and together we can do
great things for our communities.

Diedre Gray

Whether performing music, mentoring people, or working to end HIV, it was clear from
an early age that Diedre was destined for a non-traditional life walk. As a gospel artist,
music teacher as well as a health-care professional, Diedre knows that for some, feeling
connected and having their hear touched can be the difference between life and death.
So she works hard to bring her life perspective and sensitivity to every situation.
Although she is proud to have graduated from Bowie State University with her BS in
music, then impacting and changing young lives while teaching music at DuVal HS, now
serving as District of Columbia Health Department Transgender Health Coordinator,
Diedre is most proud to live her authentic truth without apology, explanation or
validation.   Diedre believes she truly is where God has her to be.  Minister Diedre knows that
through God 1st and then community, all things are possible!"

Media Relations Chair

Taylor Lianne Chandler is a former sign language interpreter and crisis management consultant, published author and national speaker on Gender Issues. Today, Taylor is Public Relations Consultant and Social Media Manager.  She is part of the Marketing Team with Capital Pride Alliance and Capital Trans Pride in Washington, DC. She sits on the board of We The People & May Is? All About Trans. 


Taylor has a degree in Social and Behavioral Science, as well as her VQAS in American Sign Language from the State of Virginia. She was nominated in 2006 for the Energizer Battery Keep Going Hall of Fame. Taylor has appeared in many National magazines, television and radio shows. Taylor is engaged to Matthew Meagher-Walker and plans to marry September of 2019. 

David joseph moody
Gay Men’s Advisor
David Joseph Moody was born in San Antonio, Texas to a military family.  His father, Colonel Moody’s exemplary service inspired David’s own enlistment with the US Navy.  Following his five years of service aboard the USS SE Morison (FFG-13), he found his way back to DC, eventually managing Smith and Wollensky before it’s closure.  He then pursued his degree in Computer Science at the University of Washington DC.  For the past five years, he has been involved in Washington DC’s LGBTQ community, starting from a referral for services at HIPS from Casa Ruby.  At HIPS, he became a staff member, working in HIV prevention and linkage as a Community Health Worker attached to Whitman-Walker Health.  In that capacity, he developed strong ties to the transgender community, and currently works as the Manager of Community Engagement at Metro Health, (formerly the Carl Vogel Center) where he has developed a team focusing on prevention for high-risk individuals, including transgender individuals and men who have sex with men.  He leads the outreach team at the clinic, working with a passionate fervor to address barriers to care and provide prevention services to the community at large, with a focus on transgender and MSM populations of color.  A strong advocate for the community, he is also a consumer liaison for the DC collaborative, providing training to consumers on quality HIV care.  He's also avidly chasing the Red Angel around the galaxy with Michael Burnham and the rest of the crew.
amy nelson
Legal Advisor

Amy Nelson is the Director of Legal Services at Whitman-Walker Health (WWH) in Washington, DC, a holistic community health center and the oldest medical-legal partnership (since 1986!) offering transgender, primary, and HIV healthcare; mental health and addiction services; dental care; medical case management; and legal services. WWH specializes in serving DC’s LGBTQI and HIV communities and opens its doors to all clients regardless of status or income. In 2017, WWH served more than 16,000 persons, including more than 3,000 legal clients -- one-fifth of whom identify as transgender.


Amy is a frequent speaker on trans health and legal issues and managed the creation of DC’s first name and gender change legal clinic in 2012.  In 2014, Amy was recognized as a “Shero of the Movement” by the DC Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs, and honored with Capital TransPride’s Engendered Spirit award. 

Alexa Rodriguez​
Latinx Affairs Chair

Alexa Elizabeth Rodriguez is originally from Usulután, El Salvador. Her passion is
defending Transgender and people living with HIV rights. She founded the first working
and support group for people living with HIV and Trans Women in her hometown. Alexa
has continued her work in Washington, DC, working with organizations like Casa Ruby
HIV program, Mariposas and Empoderate Programs at La Clinica Del Pueblo Identity Inc.,
Board Member of The LHP and TransLatin@ Coalition, Transgender Strategy Center
(TSC), LULAC Lambda Member and LULAC National Women’s Commission, DC Health
Department. She believes that visibility is important but also filling the gaps where there
are not transgender voices. 
She currently works for Whitman Walker Health as Trans Care Navigator in Retention &
Engagement. Alexa is also the Funder Director of the Trans-Latinx DMV, a Two-Spirit led
organization that centers on the needs of Black & Indigenous Trans-Latinx people living
in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Maverick Hill

Trans Masculine Advisor

Maverick Hill has lived in the Washington D.C. area for 3 years. He is a financial program specialist with the Department of the Treasury. Maverick holds a B.S. in psychology from Texas A & M University-Central Texas and is currently pursuing his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC). Maverick is an Army veteran. His 8-year service includes 2 deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


He is a member of the Maryland Counseling Association (MCA) and the Maryland Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling (MALGBTIC) affinity group. He is a member of the Mental Health Advisory Council (MAHC) with the Department of Veterans Affairs--Washington D.C. He is a trained peer-support specialist and co-leads a mixed group for transgender, gender-nonconforming and non-binary individuals twice a month. He volunteers as much time as possible to LGBTQ organizations throughout D.C.


As a man of the transgender experience, Maverick hopes to use his education, both professional and personal, to mentor transmasculine youth. More importantly, Maverick is an advocate and is highly motivated to help the individuals at the national and state levels, understand issues from a human perspective, especially when it affects the transgender population.

Addison Moore

Youth Advisor


Addison Moore is a graduate of Paul Public School in NW Washington, DC. Addison has always had a passion for activism and student leadership which made their progression from program attendee to paid youth fellow to 2018 scholarship awardee. Addison previously served as SMYAL’s Health and Wellness Coordinator, and currently serves as the After School Programs Manager.

When not creating workshops and working with schools and providers to schedule workshops for their youth fellows, you can find them working in their passion for photography. Addison desires to create a platform for LGBTQ youth to express themselves and tell their stories through photography and film.

Keith Pollard
Youth Development
Keith Pollard was born and raised in rural West Virginia and in 2014 his passion for advocacy/activism moved him to Washington, DC. For the past six years, Keith has been involved in advocacy work with organizations such as The DC Center, SMYAL, and Empowerment Liberation Cathedral. In 2018 Keith was awarded the Youth Champion of the Year award by the Youth Working Group of the DC Center and since then has only become more committed to advancing the community. Keith is the former Operations Manager of The Wanda Alston Foundation and currently works as a Case Manager for SMYAL’s transitional housing program. Working in a space of supporting and mentoring LGBTQ youth is Keith’s dream job and he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.
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