Words from the Founder/CEO of Trans Pride & May Is:

Because of us, We Are ONE!

Last year I stepped out on faith and took a chance on the second part of my vision from Capital Trans Pride in 2007 to May Is? “All About Trans” in 2018.  Being a visionary was like a dream come true!  We had 16 outstanding events in the community—not only showing up with enthusiasm; but, also expressing our true feelings with tears, joy, excitement, cheers coupled with moments of silence, and somber moments of  shared facts about ourselves, including educational opportunities. Additionally, the various workshops, conversations of truths, discussions and presentations of social justice issues coupled with a great location and meeting new friends was an experience which will last for a lifetime.   In sum, we gathered as a group and one-on-one; discussed mutually beneficial topics and above all—thoroughly enjoyed each other including the wonderfully tasty foods.  But, the best part of the experience was how we lived and shared our truths from our hearts!  We seemed to clearly understand each other and learn from each other.  And, from Town Halls-- that’s a great ending to an outstanding event of the year. 

This year, we actually had more time to think clearly about what was missing from our schedules last year.   And since, this event is created just for the Transgender community to be able to educate others through conversation (accompanied with food, of course), we believe with prior planning, we can include all major and/or pertinent community issues.  The plans would be to pick one topic a night and include about 2-3 hours of informative discussion which focuses solely on the everyday lives of trans people.  Since we are all unique human beings with stories of survival, sharing our stories is key to understanding our everyday life. 

Therefore, I challenge each of you to take time to learn our hardships and our struggles, to truly walk in our paths and shoes for a few hours and I guarantee that you will develop a better understanding of the lives of people that are often treated less than human, i.e., rejections from our families, discrimination from housing, employment, and medical providers.  And, with all of these public denials, we often still cannot receive proper mental health services which are often created or at least acerbated because of public treatment.  Walk in our shoes and you will understand the fear we experience every day of our lives and how it is truly a blessing to make it back to Point A. 

Thank you for your time and supporting the Transgender Community.

With your devoted help, we can stand PROUDLY. 

We Are The People Now and Forever.


SaVanna KB Wanzer